Frequently Asked Questions

1.How is the pricing structured?
 We use a Flat Rate Pricing Structure to provide simple, fair and reasonable pricing. See the Features and Pricing page.
2.How can I contact the support team?
 When logged in as Admin, click on the Support icon. From there, click on the contact menu.
3.Can I manage several Companies with a single Login?
 You will be registered as a Customer of KioskGen. If you have more than one company, you shall be able to manage each company and its kiosks separately.
4.Can each Company have multiple Locations?
 Each of your Companies may include several Locations, which can be managed independently of each other. Locations could be in different geographical locations or on separated floors in a large building. You decide.
5.Can each Location have multiple Kiosk?
 Each Location mentioned above may have many Kiosks, each of which can serve a different purpose and display different content, per your specification.
6.What kind of content can be displayed in a Kiosk design?
  • Images
  • PDF Files
  • Videos
  • Slide Shows
  • Website (Page pembedded in a Kiosk Frame)
  • Meal Menus for schools, retirement homes, etc.
  • Activity Calendar
  • Upcoming Events List
  • Staff Birthdays with Photos
  • Member/Resident/Student Birthdays with Photos
  • Adverts, Sponsorships, Notices
  • Others (under constant development)
7.When I change the Layout content, will the Kiosks be automatically be updated?
 You can define the Refresh Interval in the settings of each Layout. Each kiosk will get updated based on the Layout Refresh Interval.
8.What happens if a Kiosk loses connection to the internet?
 Kiosks monitor their internet connections to the Kiosk Management System. If the connection is down, the Kiosk will continue to display its current content.