The Problem

When people visit your facility, you want to provide them with information that is timely and relevant. Some information is permanent, like your mission, and some information is constantly changing, like events and seasonal materials.

Printed materials are expensive to design, produce and maintain. The majority of printed materials are thrown into the garbage moments after being picked up. Many, if not most, are thrown away without anyone having ever even read them.

Existing display kiosk solutions require expensive hardware and provide limited functionality.

The Solution

KioskGen.com is the SIMPLE, FLEXIBLE and AFFORDABLE solution.

  • Centralized management of all displays
  • Manage as many or as few displays as you like
  • Show separate content on each display
  • Show photos, announcements, slideshows, calendars, etc.

Both the Management Side of KioskGen and the Frontend Display are securely protected so that other parties cannot alter them or obtain management level access to them.

To Summarize

KioskGen.com is Simple, Flexible, Affordable, easy to manage and secure. It creates a pleasant experience for viewers and enables the owners to present an everchanging array of content as needed.

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